My help has been sought by some of the world’s best known broadcasters: on what action to take to avoid compliance problems and on what to do if an issue does arise with Ofcom and you want to mitigate the possible risk or damage. You will receive a personal and confidential service with compliance training tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

I have around 40 years of experience in UK broadcasting and in TV, radio and on-demand regulation. I am also a fully qualified UK solicitor, who has worked at a high level for some of the world’s top law firms and also for the UK’s television and radio regulators. Before I started my broadcasting compliance consultancy in April 2017, I worked as a senior manager in Ofcom’s standards department for ten years. I oversaw many of the most high profile and controversial Ofcom compliance investigations of recent years.

With many Ofcom TV broadcasters and on-demand providers based outside the UK or with operations outside the capital, I have the added benefit of being based here in London. I also travel across the UK and overseas to give advice or run bespoke compliance courses, in small groups or one-on-one.

Compliance Blog

Follow my blog  for up-to-date and expert comment on the latest Ofcom Broadcast Bulletins, compliance issues, Ofcom investigations and sanctions, and broadcasting issues in general. As far as I am aware, this is the only place where a former senior Ofcom manager offers a regular editorial commentary on the fortnightly Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin.

Latest Compliance Tip

Are the two Channel 4 documentaries containing sexual harassment and assault claims by ten men against Kevin Spacey (pictured above) fair to the actor? Shown on the public service broadcaster on 6 and 7 May, viewers of the programmes called… Continue

Testimonial 4

Trevor has been our adviser on many aspects of TV compliance and has provided excellent bespoke compliance training for our staff at all levels.

Testimonial 3

Trevor’s years of experience at Ofcom and as a lawyer mean that he is able to anticipate how a regulator will assess and react to a situation, and therefore help us achieve our objectives.

Testimonial 2

Trevor developed a thorough understanding of the issues facing our company and helped us develop a comprehensive response strategy that addressed the various questions raised.

Testimonial 1

Trevor’s ability to strategically anticipate likely challenges and potential regulatory “next steps” allowed us to prepare effectively for our deliberations and discussions, and greatly improved our organization’s response.