…do have periodic compliance reviews! Many broadcasters have set up arrangements for their compliance of TV and radio programmes, advertising, sponsorship and premium rate phone calls, and on demand services, for example and become comfortable with them. Like those clothes we have had for years and slip into with a relaxed sigh.

But like fashion, the world of TV, radio and audiovisual media regulation is never still. Only a couple of weeks ago I blogged here about Ofcom’s new on line and fake news policy projects. And Ofcom’s sudden announcement of seven, and then an extra three, investigations – and a full-on fit and proper enquiry – into the RT TV channel (formerly Russia Today).

The consequences of not keeping up to date with the latest regulatory developments can be very serious. Whatever your involvement with compliance in a broadcasting or on demand service, step back every now and again (why not today?) to make sure your organisation has the right resources in the right place at the right price, and you as an individual are aware of the latest developments.