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TAKE CAREFUL NOTE OF THE NEW GUIDANCE ON RULE 2.1. This is especially so if you a religious channel which might talk about faith healing or a service which features alternative medicine.

For several years Ofcom had breached channels under Rule 2.1 for causing potential harm to the health or wealth of viewers or listeners. But it had no research to back up its view that consumers were worried by these types of harm, and about the factors to take into account when deciding if this rule was contravened. Ofcom has now produced new Guidance on these issues.

In my view they helpfully reflect the sort of reasoning Ofcom applied when I was working there and applying Rule 2.1. But watch out. Ofcom was reluctant to breach channels in these areas while it was waiting for the new Guidance. Now it has been published, it is likely Ofcom will start recording breaches again.

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